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What happens after screening?

Elementary and Intermediate

  1. PLC teams meet to analyze data
  2. Additional, diagnostic assessment given:
    • PRESS diagnostics
    • Fundations placement
    • Phonics for Reading
  1. Interventions created based on data needs
    • Fundations intervention
    • Other literacy interventions (PRESS)
    • Read Naturally/Fluency routines
  1. Small group, differentiated instruction
    • Guided reading groups in classroom
    • Tiger Time
  1. Progress Monitoring: Weekly monitoring to determine progress

Middle and High School

  1. PLCs meet to discuss the data.
  2. Students are given interventions or supports based on needs.
    • Fluency routines
    • Reciprocal Teaching (comprehension)
    • Wilson Reading (IEP students)
    • Just Words
  1. Students are progress monitored on DIBELS depending on need to determine progress.

Supports in place at the secondary level

  • Guided study hall
  • Credit Recovery
  • Tuesday/Thursday school
  • Success Center
  • Edgenuity
  • Lab classesTiger Time

Progress Monitoring done weekly or biweekly depending on the level of the student. Typically, one minute probes. Purpose is to determine progress, effectiveness of interventions, and possible changes in instruction.

Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

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