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Facilities Usage and Guidelines

Facilities Usage and Guidelines


The Gilbert Community School District encourages the use of school facilities as a hub for community events. However, the primary focus remains on using these facilities for educational purposes for the district’s students. These purposes will always have the highest priority. District facilities are not available for private parties such as wedding receptions, family or company picnics, birthday parties, or graduation parties.

Application Process

To use the facilities provided by the District, interested individuals or organizations must fill out a written application and agreement at least seven (7) business days prior to their intended use. The agreement must be approved by either the district facilities manager or a designee of the Superintendent. It is important to note that the District reserves the right to refuse any requests.

To use the facilities of Gilbert Community School District:

  • Please complete the Application and Agreement Form. The individual who signs the Application and Agreement will be held responsible for paying all usage fees and all reimbursements to the district if any damages result from the entity’s use of the facilities. 
  • Make sure to provide all necessary information and disclose all activities that will take place in or on the District’s premises. 
  • You will need to provide a certificate of liability insurance, naming the District as an additional insured. The Agreement will only take effect once you present the certificate to the District and make payments in advance. 
  • You will be notified of the approval of your Application, and the Agreement will only take effect once approved. Please note that the District has the right to cancel a previously approved use for any reason without penalty.

Indemnity & Liability Insurance Agreement – Gilbert CSD Policy 905.01-E(2)

The undersigned, hereafter referred to as “entity,” states that it will hold the Gilbert School District, hereafter referred to as “school district,” harmless from any and all damages and claims that may arise by reason of any negligence on the part of the entity in the use of any facilities or equipment owned by the school district. In case any action is brought, therefore, against the school district or any of its officers, employees, or agents, the entity will assume full responsibility for the legal defense thereof, and upon its failure to do so on proper notice, the school district reserves the right to defend such action and to charge all costs, including attorneys’ fees, to the entity.

The entity agrees to furnish and maintain during the usage of the facilities or equipment owned by the school district such bodily injury and property damage liability insurance as will protect the entity and the school district from claims or damages for personal injury, including accidental death, and from claims for property damages which may arise from the entity’s use of the school district’s facilities or equipment whether such operations be by the entity or by anyone directly or indirectly employed by the entity. The entity will furnish the school district with a certificate of insurance acceptable to the school district’s insurance carrier before the contract is issued. The District’s recommended coverage is $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Usage Group Classifications and Fees – Fee Schedule – Gilbert CSD-Policy- 905.01-R(2)

Group 1 – School athletic teams, school clubs, other student groups, civic groups, and service groups. Examples: Boy & Girl Scouts, Kiwanis, PTO, Sports Boosters, Education Foundation, etc.
Group 2 – For-profit and nonprofit groups from inside and outside of the District.
Group 3 – Group Seasonal Usage Fee .

Gilbert Elementary School

Space Available Group 1 Group 2
Classrooms $0/hour $20/hour
Commons $0/hour $20/hour
Gymnasium $0/hour $20/hour
Media Center $0/hour $30/hour
Outdoor Fields $0/hour $50/hour

Gilbert Intermediate School

Space Available Group 1  Group 2
Classrooms $0/hour $20/hour
Commons $0/hour $20/hour
East Gym $0/hour $100/hour
West Gym $0/hour $100/hour
Media Center $0/hour $30/hour
Practice Field $0/hour $50/hour

Gilbert Middle School

Space Available Group 1 Group 2
Classrooms $0/hour $20/hour
Commons $0/hour $20/hour
Gymnasium $0/hour $200/hour
Media Center $0/hour $30/hour
MS Baseball Field $0/hour $50/hour
MS Softball Field $0/hour $50/hour
Practice Fields $0/hour $50/hour

Gilbert High School

Space Available Group 1 Group 2
Auditorium $0/hour $150/hour
Classrooms $0/hour $20/hour
Commons $0/hour $20/hour
Gymnasium $0/hour $200/hour
Media Center $0/hour $30/hour
Wrestling Room $0/hour $50/hour
Tiger Stadium $0/hour $400/hour
Practice Fields $0/hour $50/hour

Group 3-Yearly/Seasonal Fees

  • Local Groups – Rate to be determined based on the amount of yearly usage
  • Parent-coached teams (Non-Gilbert Youth Sports)  – $500 per season per team (2 or more practices per week).
  • Parent-coached teams (Non-Gilbert Youth Sports) – $250 per season per team (1 practice per week).
  • Adult Leagues– $500 per season (1 scheduled event per week).
  • Large Tournaments – See Group 2 – Hourly Rates.

Additional Fees

Custodial Staff $40/hour
Set Up/Tear Down $25/hour
Facility Supervision $30/hour
Locker Room Usage $20/hour
Sound/Light Technician $40/hour
Snow/Ice Removal TBD


It is important to have responsible adults present and provide proper supervision for those using the facility and participating in activities. These adults cannot leave until they are sure everyone else has left as well. The Gilbert Community School District may assign extra supervision for certain events to oversee the building’s use. Any costs for district supervision will be the responsibility of the group using the facilities.


There may be technology needs for some events held in the auditorium, Tiger Stadium, or a gymnasium. Technology will not be allowed to be used unless a specially trained District employee is present to handle the lighting, public address system, sound system, scoreboard, or other technology system. There will be a charge in such cases for the personnel costs.

Additional Rules & Regulations

  • Food and beverages are permitted in the commons, gym, and lunch rooms only. Other areas of the building must be pre-approved by the District Facilities Manager.
  • Kitchen facilities may not be used by outside groups.
  • Smoking and drinking are prohibited on all school grounds.
  • On days when school is closed because of snow or other emergency reasons, all activities scheduled for that day will be postponed or canceled.
  • Gilbert CSD reserves the right to withdraw the privilege of using school facilities from any organization that permits the abuse of facilities or does not follow applicable regulations.
  • The District reserves the right to charge a fee for any damage or excessive cleaning that needs to be done after a group has used a facility.

For more information or questions related to policies, please contact any of the district employees listed below.

District Contact Information

Name & Title Email Phone
Stacy Johnson
District Facilities Manager 515-232-3744
Vic Vanderpool
Executive Director
District Support Services 515-232-3740
Ian Smith
Activities Director 515-232-3738
Debbie Gray
Activities Department
Administrative assistant 515-232-3738


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