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Bus Routes & Information

View your bus information HERE!! If you have questions please contact the transportation department at 515-232-0042 or the district office at 515-232-3740.

Bus expectations:

·  No eating or drinking on the bus.

·  Students will have assigned seats. Family members will be seated together.

Help keep our kids safe!


  • The bus is preparing to stop
  • When following the bus, WARNING: Illegal to pass from behind when yellow lights are flashing
  • When approaching the bus, slow your vehicle to 20 MPH or less
  • Be prepared to stop
  • Look out for the safety of our kids


  • Kids are getting on or off the bus
  • WARNING: Illegal to pass from behind or from the opposite direction
  • Stop your vehicle at least 15 feet from the bus
  • Remain stopped until flashing red ends and stop sign goes in
  • Look out for the safety of our kids

Hard Surface Bus Routes 2022-2023

Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

103 Mathews Drive, Gilbert, Iowa 50105  |  (515) 232-3740