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Food and Nutrition Forms and Policies

Lunch Balance: Please open the Infinite Campus Parent Portal app to view your child’s up-to-date lunch balance at any time.

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Menus – See breakfast & lunch menus for all schools on the Nutrislice website or by downloading the Gilbert CSD app at the App Store or on Google Play.

Gilbert Schools Food Service:

What We Do:

  • The goal of Gilbert food service is to provide a variety of safe and nutritious meals that are respectful of every student’s varied needs.
  • More than 19 food service employees work in a variety of positions to assure that safe and nutritious meals are provide at Gilbert CSD.
  • Gilbert food service provides more than 1,100 breakfasts and lunches daily, or approximately 200,000 meals per year.
  • Our meals meet the federal nutrition standards for whole grain rich foods; limiting fat, calories, and sodium. Our lunch meal provides nutrient-dense fresh fruits and vegetables through the use of the DOD (Department of Defense) fresh fruit and vegetable program.
  • The following requirements from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) are met daily:
    • Half the tray should be vegetables and fruits (1/2 c servings each)
    • Age appropriate calorie servings
    • Plain 1% milk or fat free flavored milk
    • Increasing whole grain rich foods
    • Zero trans fat
    • Less sodium

Gilbert students are encouraged to use their voice in meal planning by openly stating their food requests. Food service director meetings with student council and all food service staff having an active presence at breakfast and lunch.


Chef Tace Clarke
Gilbert CSD Nutrition Services



Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

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