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Dictionary of Terms:

IEP: Individual Education Plan- A plan developed with parents and school to meet the specially designed instruction, accommodation and modification needs of students who qualify.

504: A 504 is a plan developed with parents and school for students who qualify to determine the accommodations and modifications necessary for students to access a free and appropriate education.

PLC: Professional Learning Communities- Teams of teachers (usually grade level) that meet to analyze data, determine student needs, and develop interventions.

NWEA MAP: Northwest Evaluation Association Measure of Academic Progress- Computer-adaptive assessment given in grades 2-11 evaluating students in the areas of reading and math given once a year.

FAST: Formative Assessment System for Teachers- A suite of assessments measuring literacy skills, accuracy and fluency for students in grades K-8 given three times per year.

IGDIs: Individual Growth Development Indicators- Preschool assessment measuring letter sounds, alliteration, and rhyming given three times per year.

aReading: Adaptive Reading: A computer-adaptive assessment that is part of the FAST suite of tests that measures all components of reading. As students answer questions the test level adapts to find their instructional level.

CBMr: Curriculum-Based Measure in Reading- A part of the FAST assessments, the students read passages for one minute to determine fluency and accuracy. This assessment is given in 1-8th grade.

MTSS: Multi-Tier System of Supports- A structure of tiered levels, based on student needs, that ensures ALL students are getting the instruction that the need.

Wilson Reading: An intensive, structured-literacy program that is based on the principles of Orton-Gillingham for students with a language-based learning disability (like dyslexia).

Wilson Fundations: A structured, multi-sensory language program intended for core instruction curriculum for students in preschool-2nd grade. Students may receive additional intervention in Fundations, as well.

Wilson Just Words: A highly explicit, multi-sensory decoding and spelling program for students with mild to moderate gaps in decoding and spelling who do not require the more intensive Wilson Reading program. This program is used with students in grades 3-8.

Edgenuity: Online learning including online courses, credit recovery, intervention, test preparation, and more. Primarily used with students in grades 7-12.

Assistive Technology: Assistive Technology includes tools, devices, applications and programs that assist students with accessing the general education curriculum. Applications include programs such as Newsela, Bookshare, Learning Ally, Dragon Dictation, and Google Read and Write which allow text-to-speech and/or speech-to-text. Devices might include computers, iPads, and recording devices.

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