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The Gilbert Ag Education program has been working with AGCO Corporation on designing, growing, maintaining, and setting up their site at the Farm Progress Show this past year. Aaron Belanger of AGCO contacted Gilbert as part of a second-year plan to incorporate a local high school Ag program and FFA Chapter in their continued efforts to network at this level. The ag students and FFA members of Gilbert were given the plot dimensions, overall goal, and a timeline within to work as the underlying components of this challenging event. Members formed a committee, and through sustained inquiry identified the crops, rotation, equipment needed, and manpower to supply the work.

Chair and FFA President, Eric Davis said, “This has been a great project for us to work through using skills that we have gained in our ag classes ag Gilbert. AGCO has been great to work with, and continues to provide us with chances to show the public what young people are capable of achieving. It has been a lot of fun!”

While many people visit the Farm Progress Show as spectators, the Gilbert Ag Ed and FFA members are leading the way be networking through project based learning.

Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

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