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3-5 Year Priorities and 2018-2019 Annual Goals

21st Century Learning

Engage district and community stakeholders in a long-range strategic planning initiative to be completed by June 2019

  • Utilize Area Education Agency leadership to facilitate stakeholder involvement
  • Establish new 3-5 year district priorities with a vision for the future
  • Establish baseline culture data from community, staff (certified/non-certified), and students using a 3rd party vendor

Define the Gilbert Portrait of a Graduate

  • Build vision points (pillars), through collaboration with various district stakeholders to define a graduate that’s prepared for an ever-changing world

Strategic Resourcing/Supporting the Vision

  • Utilize district forecasting tools to evaluate budgeting options for staffing plans and facility support in preparation for 2019-2020 budget process in spring 2019
  • Achieve a district financial solvency rate of 12% by 2020 based upon a 3% student enrollment model

Culture of Continuous Learning

  • Train 20 additional staff members in the Instructional Practices Inventory process
  • Collect student engagement data four times throughout the year by trained staff
  • Plan professional development opportunities with focus on improving student engagement by making connections between Authentic Intellectual Work, Instructional Practices ┬áInventory, and Project Based Learning
  • Communicate district priorities to stakeholders by effectively using School Improvement Advisory Committee, social media, district website, email, the digital newsletter & the Gilbert App
Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

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