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Sponsored by Mary Greeley Medical Center, Gilbert PTO organizes Mileage Club at the Elementary and Intermediate schools.  Students can walk or run during recess to earn tokens, certificates, t-shirts, and more!  They can also keep track of the fruits and vegetables they eat to earn extra tokens.  Parent help is needed during recesses to mark cards as the students excitedly complete each lap.

Each school has a coordinator to track the students’ progress and work with Mary Greeley Medical Center.

Mileage Club Volunteers:

Elementary: Jennifer Doebel, Angie Bleich, Jennifer Dyche, and Anna Mechem
Intermediate: Angie Bleich, Marcia Dahlstrom, and Anne Sents

Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

103 Mathews Drive, Gilbert, Iowa 50105  |  (515) 232-3740