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School Environment: The school environment score consist of factors such as the student-teacher ratio, teacher experience and teacher absence rate. Discipline Actions: This takes into account the school’s retention rate, in-school suspension rate and out-of-school suspension rate.

In other good news, I received an email following homecoming from a woman named Colleen Heldt who had been here for the homecoming festivities.  She spelled out all of the things she observed during her visit and had many, many positive things to say about the district.  Following are a couple of excerpts:

I was able to spend this past weekend in Gilbert to attend the homecoming events. As I drove home my thoughts turned to everything I had seen and decided that I needed to write to you.

My congratulations to you, your staff and students for a job well done.”

 And “I am sure there are many things dealt with that I didn’t see; but I wanted you to know that, from an outsider perspective, it appears you are certainly on the right track – for the success of your district and more importantly for the students’ future success.”

Congratulations to all of the staff, students and parents for making homecoming a positive event at our schools.

Many of you who were at the football game on Friday night were also able to see a video I debuted that will go on the website.  The focus of the video was part vision for the future of our district and part introduction to who we are and what we stand for here in the Gilbert district.  I will be sending a link out to all stakeholders so you can all see it.  It is only a 1:35, but I believe sums up who we strive to be here.  Thanks go out to my son, Adam, for putting it together professionally, and to Troy Staudt (drone shots) and Jen Schnormeier and Deb Gray for the photographs we used.  I hope you enjoy it.


Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

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