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Speaking of winter activities, it is time once again to remind you of the possibility of inclement weather and school cancellations.  So far we have missed all of the big systems that have hit the state and I am certainly hoping that trend continues. To listen for any announcements about the weather, we have a variety of ways to keep you informed: announcements on KCCI, WHO, and WOI TV, alerts from the Gilbert district on your phone or email, and websites notices.  If you are not receiving notices by phone and would like to, please contact my office.

You may have noticed that we are moving dirt at both the HS and MS as our building projects get underway.  We should be pouring footings in December-January and look forward to watching the progress on our new classroom additions.  Students and faculty have been patiently working through the noise and distracting movements outside knowing they will benefit from the progress!

Enjoy these weeks prior to the holiday break and join us for some of our activities if you get the chance.  We love sharing all the good things going on in the district!

Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

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