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Please realize that we are currently working in our hybrid which is parent choice, but this could change in this highly fluid situation depending on all the factors that we are monitoring on a daily basis listed above.

Currently, high school activities are the only things that are taking place at this time.  Middle school and youth activities are placed on hold according to the Governor’s Proclamation. We have some music concerts that will be live-streamed so you will still be able to support our students and enjoy an evening of music. If you are planning to attend any sporting events, please check the website and follow all of the guidelines for attending.  The next couple of weeks will be critical as experts are expecting another surge in cases.  Again, we are monitoring our numbers daily.  Our school nurses, Laura Metzger and Jenna Kester, have done an amazing job of contact tracing and have put in many extra hours.  Ashley Soma has done a masterful job as our mitigation point person and has kept us all very well informed. Dan Wright and Lynne Reid have been working hard on the sanitation of the buildings and monitoring our sanitation supplies.  Thanks to all our students and staff who are also pulling their share of the load.

We were sorry to say goodbye to Steve Vollstedt who retired in November but wish him well in his retirement.  We have hired Brent Randolph to be our new director of grounds.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and believes he will be a great asset to the district.

Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

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