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I’d like to remind you as I do every year at this time, the deadline for Open Enrollment is March 1st, 2021 for grades 1-12. For kindergarten and preschool special education the date is September 1, 2021. If you have any questions, you may visit our website or call the district office.

We received some very positive ratings from Niche again this year that I’d like to share with you. We were given the #1 ranking in both Best Places to Teach in Iowa and Safest School Districts in Iowa.  We were given the #2 ranking for Best School Districts in Iowa. These rankings are a testament to the work we have done over the last ten years, and we are grateful for the parents, students, and staff who have made our school a great place to get an education.

The girl’s basketball team is rated and having an amazing season!  You can watch almost all of our sporting events via live stream.  We appreciate your support from home and look forward to when we can have our community back in attendance with us.  I know it means a lot to our kids to have their fans share in their successes.

We are looking to hire some people in both our foodservice and transportation departments.  If you know of someone who would be interested in driving a bus or helping prepare meals for students, please let them know about these opportunities.

For now, keep encouraging your children to wash their hands, wear their masks, and socially distance when possible. We have been very successful in our mitigation efforts thus far and are glad we get to meet in person with our kids.

Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

103 Mathews Drive, Gilbert, Iowa 50105  |  (515) 232-3740