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 The words have been chosen by district stakeholders to represent the six skills we believe all students will need to possess no matter what they choose to do post high school.  Those six skills are global citizens, collaboration, creativity, effective communication, strong character, and critical thinking. The District Leadership Committee has been charged with the task of defining those words and the next steps needed to make sure we are explicitly teaching those things to students from preschool to seniors.  The district administration team has attended several conferences, and will attend more, to learn from other districts and the EdLeader 21 consultants who have been very helpful. The next several months will have the staff working on examining their curriculum for areas that cover the six skills and areas where that can be enhanced. This will be the kind of work that may take several steps, but we believe it will positively impact the lives of our students in many ways.

I’d like to remind anyone who may be interested, the deadline for Open Enrollment is March 2nd, 2020 for grades 1-12.  The deadline for kindergarten and preschool special education is September 1, 2020. Additional information can be found on our website or you may call my office with any questions you have.

Mark your calendars for this year’s Gilbert Education Foundation’s Rock Hop with the theme of One Giant Leap for the Future.  The annual fundraiser is an awesome event that helps support our school in many, many ways. The date of the Rock Hop is February 29th, 2020!  For more information visit the Foundation’s web page on the school’s website. 

All of our winter sports programs are having fantastic seasons! The girls basketball team is ranked fifth in the state and the boys are playing well and winning many games..The wrestling team is having one of its best seasons and we look forward to even more following break.  We will also have some upcoming concerts–check the district calendar and come on out and support our students.  

Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

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