Students from the Middle and High School had the opportunity to submit one piece of writing to the Scholastic Writing Contest to be judged by a panel of creative professionals worldwide. We had seven students from the High School and four students from the middle school submit their writing. Six students were recognized for their work.

Judging goes as followed:

Gold Key (top award)

Silver Key

Honorable Mention


Congratulations to these Tigers!

High School:

Chloe Berns-Schweingruber: Poetry- Honorable Mention

Josiah Teske: Poetry-Honorable Mention

Middle School:

Alyse Beyer: Personal Essay- Silver Key

Lillian Dahlstorm: Journalism- Silver Key

Chloe Lee: Sci F/Fantasy- Honorable Mention

Celcilia Schwager: Short Story- Honorable Mention