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Congratulations Irene!

3rd grader, Irene Fei was ranked the best chess player for her age group in the United States. Irene has been playing chest for about a year and a half and has dedicated many hours to perfecting her craft. Irene is now practicing for the international chess tournament. She will be traveling to Florida this June to compete.

We wanted to say congratulations to Irene and celebrate all the hard work she has done to get to this point. To read more click here.

A Trip to the Botanical Center!

Third graders had the opportunity to go to the Botanical Center in Des Moines yesterday. A huge thank you to the Gilbert Education Foundation for making this happen. They were able to learn about numerous plants and the extreme sizes they can grow to. They were fascinated by the sizes of the seeds and how they are able to survive in some habitats. They also had the opportunities to learn about climates and ecosystems. The students say, “it was better than we expected!”

Mike Rose Vists Gilbert Intermediate

Our student leadership council planned Friday’s Be Your BEST assembly around Habit 6, Synergize. Mike Rose was our special guest. Such a great role model for our kids on and off the field! Thanks to Coach Tyson Veidt for lining this up!

Battle of the Books

Congratulations to our 5th grade Battle of the Books teams. Gilbert Intermediate had 3 different teams compete. We had the team “Potato Oles” place 3rd! Thank you to Mrs. Martinek and Mrs. Reid for helping the students prepare for the event! Congratulations to all the teams who competed!

Team Potato Chips

Team Warning- Spicy Pickled Potatoes

Lastly, Team Potato Oles- 3rd place!

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