The 20s hit the stage inside the Gilbert High School Auditorium Tuesday night, and if you were in attendance then you know — it was indeed roaring!

Gilbert Middle School Music Director Chris Johnson hosted the spring choir concert in front of a packed house, as the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades performed a total of nine songs, including the final three with the entire middle school choir of more than 180 students!

It. Was. Amazing!

The songs performed included:

Sixth Grade
•Sweet Georgia Brown (1925)

Seventh Grade
•Charleston (1923)
•Nessun Dorma (1926)

Eighth Grade
•Exsultate Just in Domino (1627)
•Ozymandias (1820)
•Dynamite (2020)

Combined Choirs
•Let Thy Hand Be Strengthened (1727)
•Idumea (1826)
•Fascinating Rhythm (1924)

Members of the high school band stepped in to lend backing music, and members of a string orchestra were brought in for several numbers as well to strengthen what was already an unbelievable concert.

Mr. Johnson always does an amazing job with his students and this is showcased time after time with the middle school concerts. And accompanist Amanda Jennings is someone this district values a great deal for her talents and dedication to our students and music programs.

Thank you, Mr. Johnson, and thank you students for putting on another incredible concert … just another example of the talent that roams our hallways each and every day. Lastly, thank you to everyone who came out to support our students!