The Gilbert Community School District recently received its Iowa School Performance Profile from the 2022-23 school year. What is that exactly? In essence, this is Gilbert CSD’s report card from the state, and like so many of our students’ report cards, we are thrilled with the results.

We’d like to share some of the profile with all of you to highlight the amazing things our students and staff members are doing each and every day.

As a district, our accountability score is above the state average in 15 of the 16 scored categories. For example, in the area of proficiency in math and language arts, our students scored over 20 percent higher than the state average. When it comes to our graduation rate, 100 percent of our students are on track to graduate in four years, while the state average sits at 90 percent.

What our students, teachers, and administrators are doing at the high school is undoubtedly elite. Gilbert High School is the only high school in the state to receive a rating of EXCEPTIONAL. When you look at the overall composite scores of all high schools across the state, GHS is No. 1.

Let us repeat that: Gilbert High School is the No. 1 high school in the state.

Our middle school also received a rating of EXCEPTIONAL and its composite score ranks it as the No. 2 middle school in the state. Only four middle schools in the state received an EXCEPTIONAL rating.

Only 21 schools in the state – approximately 1.6 percent – received a rating of EXCEPTIONAL, and Gilbert CSD was one of only three districts to have multiple schools receive this rating. To break it down even further, Gilbert CSD is the only Class 3A-sized school to land in the EXCEPTIONAL category, and we had two schools achieve that milestone.

Our elementary and intermediate buildings received a rating of COMMENDABLE and, again, there were a number of highlights. When it comes to math and language arts proficiency, for example, our younger students scored over 20 percent higher than the state average.

As a district, we are excited to share these results with you and we will continue to strive to be even better. Our students and staff continue to shine a positive light on our district and community, and we are incredibly proud of all that they have already accomplished and will continue to accomplish in the future.

The Iowa Performance Profile is compiled from numerous sources, including post-secondary data, Iowa State Assessment of Student Progress (ISASP), and the Conditions for Learning survey given to students. The Iowa School Performance Profile is a result of data collected from grades 3-12.

If you would like to learn more about Gilbert CSD’s Iowa School Performance Profile, please click HERE.