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Gilbert Middle School Office:

Please use this email when you are needing to contact the office with a student absence, dismissal plan changes or general questions!

Middle School Staff

 Name Position Email
Anderson, Abby 8th Science
Barr, Annie Special Education
Behrens, Danielle Special Education
Breneman, Misty Sped Associate
Borst, Lindsay Associate
Burianek, Lisa District ELL
Busch, Joy ELL Associate/Spanish
Charlson, Kathleen 6th Language Arts
Danilson, Kristy 6th Social Studies
Danilson, Mike Principal
Eldred, Jeremy Sped Associate
Forget, Lyndzey Associate
Franzen, Joel 8th Math
Gibson, Mike Custodian
Gildehaus, Lisa Jane 6th ELA
Good, Lindsey Instructional Coach
Gorman, Hannah Guidance
Hansen, Bill Custodian
Holtan, Jason Technology Coordinator
Hubrig, Sydney Special Education
Huntington, Tiffany LMC Associate
Johnson, Chris MS Vocal Music
Jones, Danny Industrial Arts
Kautman, Laura 8th Social Studies
Kruse, Mike 8th PE/Health
Lanning, Lynn Nurse Associate
Lowe, Laura Sped Associate
Marshall, Jennifer Associate
Metzger, Laura School Nurse
Moore, Jaden Associate
Nespor, Angi Secretary
Onken, Wesley 6th Math
Ostrem, Amanda 6th Science
Pohl, Bonnie FCS/FCCLA
Randall, Leigh 7th Social Studies
Reid, Lynne Media Specialist/Teacher Librarian
Saldana, Megan Secretary
Sanford, Karolyn Food Service
Schmidt, Hannah 7th Science
Slight, Brett 7th PE
Smith, Adam ELP
Smith, Ian Activities Director
Sniezek, Staci 6th PE
Spohnheimer, Melanie 7th/8th Band
Starrett, Amanda Associate
Staudt, Troy STEM
Stephens, Lauren 8th Language Arts
Thomas, Aaron 7th Math
Thomas, Jennifer MS Guidance
Tinder, Tamara Special Education
White, Lauren 7th Language Arts
Wong, Kristine Nurse Associate
Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

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