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Gilbert National Honor Society Qualifications

Based upon their cumulative GPA, full-time students are eligible to apply for membership in the Gilbert Chapter of the National Honor Society. In order to be considered for membership, students must complete a candidate worksheet and candidate application. Please click HERE for the form.

Qualification for membership is based on the four pillars of National Honor Society: Scholarship, Service, Character, and Leadership.


Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.


Applicants must have at least 75 documented Silver Cord hours or must document 75 hours of service that have taken place throughout their high school career. Even if students do not submit hours for Silver Cord recognition, the volunteer hours will still need to follow the Silver Cord criteria.


Students will evidence leadership through detailing two areas in which they have been in a leadership role. Students will be asked to write about how they have shown: resourcefulness, problem-solving, empathy, decisiveness, accountability, confidence, and inspiration.


NHS Advisors will meet with the principal to look for patterns of unacceptable behavior, such as attendance, good conduct violations, tardies, detentions and suspensions.

A faculty council will meet only to look over the leadership section of the applications. All applications will be anonymous.


Induction will occur on the same evening as the annual Awards Night program, usually held on a Monday in May. Students will be notified of the decision of the Faculty Council  by a letter sent to the mailing address listed by the school. Completion of the Qualification Worksheet form does not guarantee selection by the Faculty Council.


Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

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