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Our Mission

The Gilbert Student Council is a group of elected students that plan a variety of activities and events throughout the school year.

The Student Council takes on a leadership role throughout Homecoming week. It plans the dress-up days, the parade and dance, and coordinates the coronation.

The Student Council also plans smaller events, such as intramural day, new student orientation, and the open house at the beginning of the school year.

The Student Council brings joy in other ways as well, such as passing out donuts for semester tests, passing out encouraging stickers for the first day of school, and creating a way for students to hand out valentines for Valentine’s Day.

The Student Council is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to keep the student body united and engaged.

Election Process:

High School

Students interested in serving on the student council write a paragraph explaining why they would represent their class well, including three specific changes they would like to see. We post those papers in their English classroom for a few days, and then their classmates vote electronically. The top 6-8 students are selected for each grade level. Student council members then vote for three presidents.

Middle School

Each middle school home base elects a male and female representative. The election takes place at the beginning of each school year. Campaign and voting procedures are determined by each home base.


  High School

  • Homecoming Activities, Coronation, and Dance
  • Game Nights
  • Winter Formal
  • Service Activities

Middle School

  • Fall Retreat (Rock Climbing)
  • Homecoming Activities and Dance
  • Dodgeball Tournament
  • Winter Dance
  • Movie Nights
Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

103 Mathews Drive, Gilbert, Iowa 50105  |  (515) 232-3740