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Gilbert High School is pleased to be able to offer diverse opportunities for continued education beyond its doors. Concurrent Enrollment refers to allowing credits earned at a community college, college or university to be applied toward credit for high school graduation. Some courses also count toward college credit as well. This subject is referred to in the School Laws of Iowa (282.26). The law states that schools may allow credits earned at a college to be applied toward credit for high school graduation.

Iowa State University Schedule of Classes

Online Courses

Gilbert High School students may be able to take online courses from Iowa AP Online Academy, Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) or Iowa State University. One credit per semester course could be earned and used toward graduation. For more information and to get these classes approved, students should see the high school counselor.

DMACC Online Career Academy Courses

Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Act (PSEOA)

The Post Secondary Enrollment Options Act allows students that have been identified for the Extended Learning Program, to enroll part-time at an eligible community college, state university or private college or university. The PSEOA has a dual purpose: to provide rigorous educational pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options for students. Students need to take the Gilbert version in the subject, before continuing on in the same subject at another school, unless the subject is not offered at Gilbert High School. For example, Psychology: students must take Psychology at Gilbert High School, taught by Mrs. Hurn, then can take Psychology at DMACC or ISU. French, however, would not be offered by a Gilbert High School teacher, so students may register for that through a college or university.
These classes provide area high school students with excellent educational opportunities in the trade, arts, career and medical fields and explorations. Through taking these courses, Gilbert High School students may get a head start on college progress and careers.

DMACC Career Academy – Hunziker Center

Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

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