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Gilbert High School Office:

Please use this email when you are needing to contact the office with a student absence, dismissal plan changes or general questions!

High School Staff

Name Position Email
Aleman, Sadrac Spanish
Anderson, Cathy Language Arts
Auderer, Scott Physical Education
Barbier, John Mathematics
Barden, April Food Service
Bassett, Cindy Principal
Becker, Ashley Math/Science
Blair, Deanne Associate
Blumhagen, Kristi LMC Associate
Bodkins, Brenda Sped Associate
Burianek, Lisa District ELL
Busch, Joy ELL Associate
Charlson, Everett Science
Chung, Jason Mathematics
Crawford, Jessica School Counselor Assistant
Davis, Adam Agriculture/FFA Advisor
Davis, Penny Secretary
Dodd, Ryan Head HS Custodian
Fredericks, Brittney Mathematics/Technology
Gammon, Priscilla Language Arts
Gray, Deb Athletics Secretary
Hackbarth, Zackery Language Arts
Hales, Vicki HS Business
Hamblin, Rebekah Spanish
Hendrian, Don HS Custodian
Hesson, Deanna Associate
Holtan, Jason Technology Coordinator
Hurn, Jodi Social Studies
Jacobson, Paul School Counselor
Jones, Danny Industrial Tech
Kiley-Rossow, Erin Special Education
Lanning, Lynn Nurse Associate
Larimore, Mindy Food Service
Lawrence, Christine Secretary
Lundt, Graham PE/Health
Maguire, Jennifer Art/Yearbook
Martinek, Curtis Mathematics
Meiers, Mark HS Custodian
Metcalf, Kathryn Sped Associate
Metcalf, Reagan Social Studies
Metzger, Laura School Nurse
Miller, Carolyn Agriculture/Science
Moore, Lacie Spanish
Moore, Nathan HS/MS Art
Moss, Cheryl Special Education
Myers, Laurie HS Custodian
Pohl, Bonnie FCS/FCCLA Advisor
Purcell, Deb Food Service Director
Reid, Lynne Media Specialist/Teacher Librarian
Rinehart, Cara Biology
Ronca, John Assistant Principal
Rouwenhorst, Lisa Science
Schnormeier, Jennifer Instructional Coach
Schurr, Heather Social Studies
Shea, Brooke Language Arts
Skartvedt, Michelle Special Education
Smith, Adam ELP
Smith, Ian Activities Director
Staudt, Troy Computer Science
Stein, Nick PE/Health
Stutzman, Tanner Vocal Music
Sytsma, Jordan Student Support Services
Tensen, Tracy Language Arts
Terrones, Bob At Risk
Tinder, Byron Band
VanDusseldorp, Joshua Study Hall
Wong, Kristine Nurse Associate
Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

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