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Letter of Recommendation

SENIORS! Our responsibility in preparing a letter of recommendation for colleges, scholarships, and other groups is to provide a summary of your academic and extracurricular achievements. We also try to present some sense of your promise for further personal and intellectual growth. There are hundreds of Gilbert students and only two counselors, which means that conveying your unique qualities is not an easy task. Therefore, we would appreciate your honest estimation of yourself, what you have done, and don’t limit your discussion to what has happened to you in school. Rather, include experiences drawn from any part of your life. Please take the time to answer each of the questions as best you can. The information you include on this form may mean the difference between acceptance to or rejection from colleges and scholarships. Be sure to write legibly and include dates whenever and wherever possible.

***Remember, give us 10 to 14 days notice to write your recommendation. Be sure to tell us who it’s for, and what their address is! 

Please fill out form here to give to administrators, teachers and other staff members you are requesting a letter of recommendation from.



Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

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