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Elementary School

Elementary ELP is designed to use a flexible screening process to meet the needs of advanced learners. Services are provided to learners as the demonstrate need. In second grade, students are identified for ELP services in third grade based on multiple measures as described in 3-5 Identification portion of the ELP webpage. Students continue to be identified at various grade levels as outlined in the identification portions of the ELP webpage.

Intermediate School

Intermediate ELP is designed to meet the needs of advanced learners in the areas of math and reading:

Math ELP students are taught using a compacted math curriculum. Students work one to two years above grade level and  spend 80 minutes each day with the ELP instructor and 5th grade students may accelerate to 6th grade math classes at the MS.

Reading ELP students meet during MTSS periods and are exposed to above grade level novels, projects that require higher order thinking skills, and demanding writing requirements.

ELP Students may also take part in a variety of competitions including Math Olympiads and Battle of the Books.

Middle School

Middle School ELP is designed to meet the needs of advanced learners primarily in the areas of math and language arts:

Math ELP students who meet necessary criteria are accelerated to 7th math, 8th math, HS algebra, and HS geometry. Students may also receive challenging math assignments in their grade level classroom.

Reading ELP students are exposed to differentiated novels and writing assignments. Advanced writing students may choose to have their assignments reviewed by an advanced reader and be asked to revise their writing beyond what is required in their language arts classroom.

ELP students may also enroll in online classes in a variety of areas including business, foreign language, computer programming, math, science and other content areas. Finally, ELP Students are encouraged participate in a variety of competitions including Science Olympiads, Math Olympiads, Math Counts, and Battle of the Books.

High School

High School ELP is designed to meet the needs of advanced learners in a wide variety of areas. The process begins with Freshman Seminar. This seminar is designed to identify, develop and expand the interests and strengths of ELP students. It is the gateway to additional ELP opportunities at the high school level.

Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses at the high school are outlined below:

  • Freshman: Honors English, Honors Physical Science and Accelerated Math
  • Sophomores: Honors English, Honors Biology and Accelerated Math
  • Juniors/Seniors: Iowa State Coursework, AP Calculus, Independent Study Courses and Online Classes

Students may also access online coursework during the summer in a variety of content areas.

Gilbert Community School District

Gilbert Community School District

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